Saturday, January 12, 2013

Big News: I'm a Reporter!

Guess what, fairies? I'm now a reporter! I interview fairies around Pixie Hollow Forums to be in the "PHF Times"! Isn't that totally awesome?! I even have a cute name for it: Q&A with Chloe. Isn't that cute?

 I completed my first article. More details on the interview coming soon!

Hello There/Say Cheese: Birthday/Screenshots 1/12/13

Hello, pixie pals!

  Unfortunately, I could not have my birthday bash on that day because I could become a member. Oh well, maybe this year! :) Anyway, today I altered my outfit and I LOVE it! Although it is no longer the holidays, it reminds me of a candy cane, hahaha:
Do you like it? Let me know what you think!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hello There: Good News!

Hi guys!

Guess what? I'm going to become a member tomorrow--just in time for my 3rd birthday celebration!!!! Isn't that great?! I am going to upgrade to a bigger house, get a special birthday outfit, and decorate my place so flitterific that you just can't stand it! I am so excited! I just might get party favors, and you don't have to get presents, but I sure would like to see some! Remember, it's tomorrow at 4:00 12:00 (I changed the time, I know) so please be there! (Tomorrow I will tell you what the party is called.) Thank you pixie pals!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Big News: My Birthday/Arrival Day Celebration!

Hey my fairy friends!

My birthday is in approximately 24 days, and I'm turning 3! I am planning a big birthday bash with everyone who wants to attend. You don't have to give me a gift, like a postcard or clothing, but if you want to that's perfectly fine with me. The attire is dressy, we will play lots of party games and dinner will be served. Invitations will be given out to my friends, but as I said before, ANYONE can attend. The party is in the weekend before my birthday, meaning it's on Sunday, December 16, 2012. It will start at 4:00 and end at 7:00. Pictures will be taken and posted here. Hope to see you there!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hello There:

Hey there fairy friends!

You can check out my profile on Pixie Hollow Forums at:

You can see what I'm up to in Pixie Hollow!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Say Cheese: Screenshots 5/19/12

Hey there, daffodils!

I'm just here to show you how my flitterific day in Pixie Hollow was like today!

Here are my pixie pictures:

This was my hairstyle when I started Pixie Hollow in 2009. *sigh* Good times....
I dyed my clothes from petal pink to strawberry red.
Yay! I'm now on Talent Level 6!
Playing Bubble Bounce! Come on fishies!
 I'm checking out the Golden Roses Gown. It's the cutest!
Now I'm trying on the Gossamer Gown in the Queen's Boutique. Super pretty!

I'm  happily relaxing in my home. :)

This is my Pixie Hollow profile!

If you want to add me as a friend: my D-Name is BrittPixie. I will always be seen in the server Blooming Glen, and in Spring Valley, Summit Style, Queen's Boutique, and all other stores. Add me as a friend!